Service appointments

A service appointment typically refers to a scheduled time slot or reservation made with a service provider, such as an Automotive shop, Beauty and Wellness, Technology, Home services, or any other business that offers services by appointment. These appointments are arranged in advance to ensure that the service provider can allocate the necessary resources, such as personnel, equipment, and time, to meet the customer's needs efficiently.

Manage appointments

Service providers are responsible for arranging appointments. Customers can reach out to providers and request service appointments for confirmed jobs through chat.

The provider must propose a service appointment to the customer in advance using the Service Universe calendar. The customer will be notified of the proposed appointment instantly and will have the choice to accept or reject it. The provider will be notified of the decision instantly.

If the customer accepts the appointment, the date and time will be visible in the dashboard. Both the customer and the provider will be able to reschedule a booked appointment up until the job is started.


The appointment calendar, also known as a scheduling calendar, is a tool used to organize and manage service appointments.

When an appointment is proposed, it will be displayed in orange. Once it's approved (booked), it will change to green. All finished and cancelled appointments will be displayed in grey.

Users can click on the green or orange appointments in the calendar to manage them.