Is it free to post service requests?

Yes, posting service requests on Service Universe is absolutely free to all Users. There also no charge for receiving and reviewing the providers’ bids.

Is my personal information protected?

That is correct. Your contact information or exact address will not be shared with providers at this stage. This information will only be available to the provider selected for the job.

What do I need to post a task?

Users will be required to provide any relevant details and a valid credit card authorization. There is no charge for posting tasks.

Can I hire a specific provider for my task?

Yes, users can directly award their tasks to the service provider of their choice.

What if I didn't like any of the received bids?

We'd like to suggest a few good options:

Can I update my posted task?

Yes, users can update the task description, the preferred budget, and the due date at any point before bid acceptance.

How to choose the right Provider?

Well done on submitting your new task! Now, it's time to decide on a Provider who can assist you in its completion. However, how do you go about selecting the most suitable individual? 

Here are some suggestions:

Look for the following:

Remember, there's no obligation to accept an offer until you're completely confident. Take your time to choose the Provider who best suits your needs and can successfully complete your task. Good luck!

How to post an urgent task request?

Yes, users can request a short "due by" timeline for their tasks. However, it can't be less than 3 hours. Please also ensure to add a clear urgency requirement to the task description and notes.

What to do if a Provider wants to cancel for cash payment?

For a variety of reasons, the Provider may wish to cancel the task in favor of a cash payment. However, research indicates that it may be related to fraudulent behavior. Generally, when it comes to cash bargains on the platform, if something appears too good to be true, it usually is. Therefore, we recommend keeping your task on Service Universe until it is completed. We can provide peace of mind with a secure payment system, additional insurance, dispute resolution, and a support team when a task is finished on the platform.

Note that payments outside Service Universe are a breach of Terms and Conditions.

If a Provider offers you a cash deal to cancel, kindly decline and indicate you'd rather stay on Service Universe. If you feel uncomfortable at any point during this type of interaction, please contact us so that we can assist you.

How to write a good task description?

When creating a task, it's important to provide a detailed and clear description for Providers to understand what you need to be done. This ensures that both you and the Providers are on the same page right from the start. It also helps Providers come prepared with the correct equipment and materials, avoiding any delays in completing the task.

Based on our observations, a good task description includes the following:

Here is an example of a well-written task description and one that could use some improvement:

Good description: I require help with maintaining my yard, which is roughly 0ft by 30ft in size, as the grass has grown to about 1ft. tall. Additionally, I need assistance with pruning ten pot plants, and pictures of them are provided with this request. Since my green bin is full, please plan to dispose of the clippings. As I work during weekdays, I prefer early afternoon availability on either Saturday or Sunday. It would be greatly appreciated if this task could be completed before mid-May.

Good notes: You'll need to bring your own lawn mower.

By providing a good description like the “Good” example, you'll attract Providers who understand the requirements and can complete the job effectively.