Get it done!

Greetings from Service Universe!

Your service provider is ready to deliver the service and complete your tasks. Service Universe will guarantee your control throughout the process.

This section is designed to clarify the expected progression of events and what you can anticipate at each step.

Provider en-route

On the day of the appointment, your provider will initiate the service request. You will receive an email notification immediately.

Please note that a credit card authorization hold will be placed simultaneously. A hold does not constitute an actual payment. The Provider will receive instant notification of the hold status.

If the hold attempt fails, the customer (you) will still have the option to update the payment method information and authorize the hold manually.

Arrived at location

The provider will update the job status upon arrival at your location or when you arrive at theirs. You will receive an email notification instantly.

However, if the authorization hold fails, the provider may choose to reject and cancel the job.

Work started

If everything looks correct, the provider will get started. You will receive an email notification immediately.

Users are expected to assist providers with access to the work site, including supplies and any mission-critical information. Checking on the work progress is expected; however, boundaries should be respected. Please discuss your presence at the work site directly with the provider and prioritize safety over curiosity.

As a customer, you will have control at any time. You'll have the option to finish or interrupt the ongoing service request. Please check the "Work Finished" and "Service Interruptions" sections below for more details.

Work finished

Request Completed

Most jobs will be finished as planned. Updating the status of the request immediately after finishing the work is one of the provider's responsibilities. Users, as well, can stop the request in the app or online when appropriate.

Partial Completion

Not everything always goes as planned, and sometimes providers may run out of time. Don't worry, we've got a solution for that. Your provider can use the Partially Completed feature to declare a partial completion and defer the remaining work until the next day. In this case, the provider can issue a partial invoice. Users may also use the Invoice and Defer option; however, in this case, the invoice will be generated based on the full amount or the actual duration.

Change Orders

Some fixed-price requests may turn out to be larger than planned. Your provider can use the Invoice and Defer feature to create a change order. The completed portion will be invoiced, and a clone of the original request will be created and assigned to the provider. The user will only need to update the price and the due date of the new job request as needed. The provider then can submit the bid, which can be accepted by the user as usual.

Hourly Rate

The hourly-priced requests can be limited in duration by the Platform. When the request takes longer than the announced limit, its duration and the final price will be reduced accordingly. If parties agree to extend the duration of the workday beyond the limit, we strongly suggest using the Invoice and Defer functionality, as described in the Partial Completion section.

Any material Contract changes made outside the Platform and not documented within the Platform will be considered a breach of the Contract and the Terms and Conditions.

In all the scenarios mentioned above, you will receive an email notification instantly.

Service Interruptions

Customers have the option to finish or interrupt an ongoing service request. The provider will be notified immediately.

We strongly suggest discussing any unplanned service interruptions with your provider first. In case of a disagreement or dispute, both users and providers should rely on the Resolution Portal options.


You will receive an email notification immediately after the work is reported as complete. The invoice should be generated instantly by the provider or the platform. Please log in or open the app to view the invoice. Users are expected to submit payment for the amount due at the earliest opportunity. Please refer to the Payments section for more information.