Notifications & Chat


Notifications refer to messages, alerts, or updates that are sent to Service Universe users to inform them about specific events, activities, or changes within an account, or application. These notifications can be in various forms, such as email, text or in-app messages used to keep users informed and engaged with relevant information in real-time.


Service Universe users are kept informed of all changes and updates happening to their active requests, accounts, as well as exciting news.


Text messaging is used for account security through a process called two-factor authentication (2FA) in this context: Verification Codes, Authentication Confirmation, and Password Resets.

For your convenience, Service Universe may also duplicate important notifications via text.


All users have access to in-app notifications via the 'Messages' tab on the mobile app or the 'Notifications' icon online.

Mobile app users may receive important notification announcements on their mobile devices. 


Chat is a safe and convenient communication channel that allows users to communicate with service providers as early as the bidding stage. It is part of the Service Universe communication solutions and can also serve as a powerful event and communication log.

Please note that providers are unable to initiate Chat. Once the user posts the first message, the Chat will become available to the provider. The moderator may periodically scan and analyze chat messages to identify fraud and policy violations. Sometimes, this may prevent users from sending messages, even when there is no intention to commit fraud.

Chat cannot be used for communication with site administrators at this time.