Customer Service Portal


We encourage all Members to communicate with each other when there's an issue. The first step is to contact another party through the Customer Service Portal and try to resolve the problem.

The Customer Service Portal is an online platform where parties can address and attempt to resolve disputes, issues, or conflicts in a structured and organized manner. It serves as a tool that facilitates communication, documentation, and collaboration between the involved parties to find a resolution or solution to their problem. This includes features such as messaging, image sharing, tracking progress, and recording agreements or outcomes.

Customer Service Portal

If something didn't work out as planned, Service Universe is here for you. Whether for completed or ongoing jobs, users have access to the Customer Service Portal directly from the Account menu.

New dispute

Reasons and Jobs

In this step, users can select the reason for their concerns from the drop-down list. Click on 'Continue' to choose from ongoing or completed requests, and then select the job you'd like to open a dispute case for.

Other options

When the concerns are not related to a particular service request, users can address the Customer Service team via email. They can also navigate to the list of all open and recently closed disputes.

Start Dispute


Please include all relevant details in your message to the Provider. There is no need to address the Customer Service team directly, as the content of the dispute messages will be available to them if required.


Please include any relevant photo and document images to supplement the claim.


Please make sure to provide as many details as possible. If you are uncertain, you can submit the dispute at another time. Otherwise, click on 'Start Dispute' to proceed. We will notify the provider of the new dispute case and include your message.

Manage Disputes

Once the dispute is open, the following actions will be available to users. 

Send Message

'Send Message' is the best way to negotiate with the Provider. Please include all relevant details in your message.

Pro Tip: Stay calm, composed, and professional throughout the negotiation process. Avoid becoming defensive or confrontational and focus on problem-solving.

Note: Messages are also necessary for the following actions.

Accept Refund

When providers offer refunds to resolve the issue, users should consider accepting the offer to close the dispute.

Close Dispute

When parties reach an agreement in the dispute or circumstances change, the user may decide to close the dispute.


If after a week or so parties are unable to come to an agreement, users can request assistance from the Customer Service team by escalating the case.


Users can also attach image files and review the message and attachment logs.


Service Universe users are kept informed of all changes and updates happening to their active dispute cases. Users will receive email notifications from the platform for every update. Please keep an eye on your mailbox.